Bioscientifica: publishing, events, association management

Bioscientifica collaborates with leading biomedical societies to publish and develop journals that have a high impact and a wide reach.

Bioscientifica has an award-winning events team that works with learned societies to take care of every aspect of event planning and delivery.

Our Association Management team can handle the day-to-day administration of your society, and provide strategic guidance on how to strengthen your society and advance your discipline.

Bioscientifica understands that librarians are central to scientific communities, and we maintain close relationships with hundreds of information professionals around the world.

Bioscientifica can facilitate mutually beneficial collaborations between your organisation and our partner societies. We provide access to specialist clinicians, nurses and scientists to help extend the reach of your products, and inform the development of new ones.

Bioscientifica is committed to providing our authors with the support and resources they need to successfully publish their papers.

Bioscientifica is proud to work with societies publishing their journals, managing their events and providing association management services.