Marketing and communications

Marketing and communications — specialist communications to connect to your members.

Engaging and informing your community


  • Website design, development and hosting – providing a professional and functional ‘store-front’ for your organisation that reflects who you are.
  • Email news – from concise monthly news alerts to feature-filled newsletters, helping you to engage with and inform your community.
  • Tailored communications – helping you reach the right members with the right messages to progress their careers and achieve your aims.
  • Corporate communications – annual reviews and impact reports, demonstrating your achievements and relevance to all stakeholders.
  • Social media management and development – providing reach and engagement for your messages.
  • Promotional materials – promoting your society and its membership at events and through other channels.
  • Market research & marketing strategy development – helping you to retain and grow your audiences.


"COVID19 necessitated a rapid review and change to our marketing plans. Bioscientifica worked with us to reshape plans and campaigns and look at new and innovative ways to communicate with our members and the wider endocrine community."

Victoria Withy, Sales and Marketing Manager, ESE



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