Manuscript transfer service

Manuscript transfer service

Manuscript transfer service

The Editor may decide that your submitted article is of interest but is not appropriate or within the scope of your chosen journal.  On receiving this decision you may find yourself once again facing the challenge of selecting an alternative journal, reformatting your manuscript as necessary and beginning the submission process all over again, elongating the time before you can present your results to the world. 

Bioscientifica is pleased to offer authors an alternative: the manuscript transfer service.

All of Bioscientifica’s journals use the ScholarOne Manuscripts online submission and peer review system.  This means that we can offer authors the option to seamlessly transfer their articles between endocrinology journals. 

What are the benefits?

All of the manuscript information you have already entered will be transferred directly to the receiving journal, including your co-author details, cover letter and uploaded files.  There is no need to reformat your work, and the process is complete in just a few clicks.

Our journal editorial boards pride themselves on their standards of peer review, and aim to provide constructive, high-quality reports which help authors to improve their article, regardless of the final editorial decision.  If your article is deemed unsuitable for publication in your chosen journal, you may be offered the opportunity to transfer it to another of Bioscientifica’s titles along with the reviewer reports. The editor of the receiving journal will use these reports to assess the suitability of the article for the journal.  You may be required to address the reviewer comments to enhance your article, after which your paper could be accepted and published rapidly without further peer review.

You do have the option to amend your manuscript before completing the transfer process.  Remember that negative reviewer comments which preclude publication in your chosen journal will not necessarily result in rejection by the receiving journal.  This may be due to differences in journal scope or perceived significance of the research.

Which journals does this apply to?

The article transfer service is available between the following titles:








Bioscientifica’s editorial staff will let you know if this option is available to you. To take advantage of this service simply respond positively when contacted.