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What's new?

  • European Thyroid Journal
    Bioscientifica is pleased to announce that it has been selected by the European Thyroid Association as the new publisher for the European Thyroid Journal. All new submissions will be handled by the Bioscientifica publishing team from the 29th March 2021, with the transition phase being completed at the end of the year. To remove all barriers to accessing published research, and to ensure the long-term sustainability of the journal, the European Thyroid Association has decided to convert the European Thyroid Journal from a subscription journal to a fully open-access model. The first issue of the European Thyroid Journal published open access will be in January 2022, and all published content thereafter, will be fully accessible by all.
  • Endocrine Oncology
    Bioscientifica and the Society for Endocrinology are pleased to announce the launch of a new fully open-access, peer-reviewed journal, Endocrine Oncology. Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Edward Gelmann, from the University of Arizona, Endocrine Oncology's highly accomplished and internationally diverse Editorial Board will oversee the rigorous yet rapid peer review of basic, translational and clinical articles in the field of hormone-related cancer and cancers of endocrine organs. The journal is now open for submissions.


  • Reproduction and Fertility
    Is a new, fully Open Access journal brought to you by the Society for Reproduction and Fertility and Bioscientifica. The journal is now open for submissions in all areas of basic and clinical reproduction and fertility. Covered by the Society for Reproduction and Fertility and Bioscientifica, the journal is paying the Article Publication Charge during the initial launch years of the journal, giving authors far-reaching exposure for their work at no additional cost.


  • Bioscientifica COVID-19 Online Collection
    As part of Bioscientifica’s response to the current global fight against COVID-19 we have created an online collection of the latest research in the field from across our journals portfolio to help support public health authorities, medical professionals, researchers, clinicians, policymakers and the general public who are working to contain the spread of the virus.
  • Reproduction's new article type
    Reproduction has launched a new article type called Point of View. They are intended to be short commentaries that make a novel argument or state a new hypothesis of interest and importance to the field of reproductive biology. Whilst supporting data are encouraged, exciting new models or ideas may be welcomed without new data.
  • New Vascular Biology Grant and Award
    Vascular Biology has recently launched the Vascular Biology Grant and the Early Career Researcher Award as part of the journals' ongoing commitment to supporting and recognising talent in the field of vascular biology.
  • 50% discount on Article Publication Charges
    Don't forget - authors wanting to publish open access are eligible for a 50% discount on Article Publication Charges if the corresponding author’s institution subscribes to the publishing journal. Recommend the Bioscientifica collection to your librarian!
  • Missing Table of Contents alerts?
    Have you been missing your Bioscientifica journal Table of Contents alerts? You can reactivate them by visiting the 'Alerts' tab on each journal website.