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What's new?

  • Endocrine-Related Cancer marks the 65th anniversary of Watson and Crick's discovery of 65 years of DNA double helix: foundation for precision medicine.
  • 2018 has been an exciting year for the Journal of Molecular Endocrinology with two bumper special issues: one of the 40th anniversary of the discovery of IGF1 and the other on Sulfation pathways - an in depth look at the steroid sulfate axis.
  • Professor Robert Winston celebrates the 40th anniversary of IVF with a special issue in Reproduction and an accompanying video.
  • Society for Endocrinology author in Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism Case Reports Dr Charlotte Boughton gives extra context to her case report "Mineralocorticoid hypertension and hypokalaemia induced by posaconazole". Read it here.
  • Journal of Molecular Endocrinology author Amadeo Muñoz García has discussed his transcriptomics research on the effect of vitamin D on immune cell function in an in depth interview.
  • Professor Colin Farquharson has stepped up to Co-Editor-in-Chief of the joint editorial boards of Journal of Endocrinology and Journal of Molecular Endocrinology. Read an interview with him about his science interests and the job at hand.
  • Endocrine-Related Cancer special issue "25 years of RET and MULTIPLE ENDOCRINE NEOPLASIA TYPE 2".