Bioscientifica understands that librarians are central to scientific communities, and we maintain close relationships with hundreds of information professionals around the world.

Our publishing portfolio includes five subscription journals, and four open-access titles, that are essential reading for both researchers and clinicians.

2021 Price freeze for Bioscientifica journals

Bioscientifica will be freezing the price of our journal subscriptions at the current 2020 rate, throughout 2021. This is in recognition of the financial challenges that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to present for the academic and scientific communities we are dedicated to serving. We understand that library budgets are likely to be impacted by these testing times and want to support both our current and new partners during this period, by ensuring the latest research remains accessible to the widest possible audiences.

All current subscribers will have the opportunity to renew their subscription in 2021 at our 2020 prices. New subscribers will also be able to purchase a 2021 subscription at the 2020 rate. We also have a number of packages available to customers that offer reduced prices for additional content.

To find out more visit our journals' prices page.


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Bioscientifica has changed journal platforms

Our journals were migrated to Sheridan PubFactory in August 2018. Your IP ranges have been transferred from HighWire so you will have uninterrupted access during the transition. The new URLs are below.

Journal title Old URL New URL
Journal of Endocrinology
Journal of Molecular Endocrinology
Endocrine-Related Cancer
European Journal of Endocrinology
Open Access journals
Endocrine Connections
EDM Case Reports
Echo Research and Practice

The following browsers are supported: Chrome (latest version), Firefox (latest version), Safari (latest version) and Internet Explorer 11 or above.


  • Log in to your PubFactory account at using your Bioscientifica username and password supplied by Turpin Distribution
  • Check your IP addresses are correct and email Turpin if there are any updates
  • Update your links to point to the new URLs.
  • Register with RedLink to have continued access to your historical usage stats and COUNTER reports during and after the platform transition. Data prior to the end of August 2018 can be downloaded from RedLink; from September 2018 onwards, this can be downloaded from the PubFactory AMS.


Librarians now have access to the RedLink Diamond service. Please create a RedLink Network account (if you do not already have one) and associate your institutional profile on the Network. Then, create a connection with Bioscientifica, including your Customer ID in the connection request.

All administrators of Bioscientifica's profile on the Network will receive notification of the connection request via email and in the notification section of the Network upon logging in. Once one of the admins have approved the connection, the library will have access to the usage data.


All sites will be moving to https:// which is a more secure web protocol, particularly where user data may be required (eg for purchases)

Most browsers display a padlock symbol to confirm that a site is https.


Bioscientifica now has an EZProxy stanza enabled. EZProxy stanza

Further information regarding EXProxy is available here