Association Management

We have over 25 years of experience providing Association Management services allowing our client's organisations to thrive.

Why Bioscientifica Association Management?


Bioscientifica is a strategic partner not just a service provider. If our society partners flourish, so do we and we will always put your long-term success at the heart of what we do.

Combining your subject expertise with our experience of effectively running societies, we can help you achieve your vision while feeling in completely safe hands.

Drawing on our significant experience in the sector, we will work with you to understand your priorities and those of your members and provide you with the best services to achieve them.

Within our single organisation, we’re able to deliver all the essential services required to manage your society. Our Association Management offering provides you the benefit and convenience of our expertise whichever direction you take your organisation in.

Working with Bioscientifica affords you our combined experience in membership, governance, programme development, marketing and communications and is underpinned by finance, event management, IT and publishing services all under one roof.

We share your values and understand your communities, ensuring we engage with your members and deliver what they need in a way that resonates.

Bioscientifica exists to support biomedicine and all of our profits support biomedical research and practice.

Our services include: 

Membership management

Helping you manage and grow your membership


Membership strategy

Helping your organisation meet its strategic aims.


Marketing and communications

Specialist communications to connect to your members




Bioscientifica's high-quality association management services are regularly recognised by independent industry bodies.





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