How much does it cost?

Bioscientifica's journal-based learning programme is completely free to use. 

Which subjects are covered?

We currently have two subject portals for journal-based learning: one for endocrinology and reproduction, and one for echocardiography.

How advanced are the activities?

The activities are suitable for clinicians-in-training, and early career scientists (completing PhDs and above).

Will I receive formal accreditation?

Our echocardiography activities are accredited by the British Society of Echocardiography; adult Re-Accreditation Credits are awarded by the Society when learners successfully complete a JBL activity within 6 months of its publication.

Our endocrinology and reproduction activities are not currently formally accredited. However, participants can download official certificates of completion, which can be used to demonstrate CPD, and uploaded to an individual's NHS ePortfolio.

How do I select a course?

When you log in, you will see all courses listed in the ‘Available Courses’ tab (note there may be a ‘+’ icon at the end of the list which you can expand to reveal more courses). Click ‘Add Course’ and the course will be added to your ‘My Courses’ tab on your main training menu. The courses will be listed with your most recently-accessed at the top.

How do I begin a course?

Either click on the course title or click 'Launch' under the course description from your main training menu. The course description page will load, along with a list of modules included within the course. Click on a module to begin it. Once you have completed it, return to the course page where you can continue with any other modules. 

What are reflection modules?

Each course has a reflection module for you to record any development in your knowledge/skills. Once you have completed a reflection module, you can view or edit it at any time from the ‘Tools/Project Documents’ (hammer/wrench) icon in the main horizontal menu bar.

Can I make notes on the courses?

Yes. You can make notes on any course module by clicking on the notepad icon in the main horizontal menu bar whilst viewing the module.

Can I start a course and finish it later?

Yes. You can exit a module at any time (click ‘Exit Module Assessment’ if you’re in the assessment portion) and choose to return to complete it later. 

How many times can I take each module assessment?

Unlimited attempts are permitted, unless otherwise stated. 

How do I complete the course survey?

Once you have completed any required modules and any optional modules you wish to complete, click on ‘Course Survey’ (found above the listed modules on the course description page). The survey must be completed before you can print your certificate of completion.

How do I get my certificate of completion?

Once you have completed all required modules and taken the course survey, a ‘Print Certificate’ button will appear at the top of the modules list on the course description page. You can return and print your certificate at any time via the certificate icon in the main horizontal menu bar, to the left of the search box.

How do I update my profile?

You can edit your profile information, including topics of interest, at any time via the ‘Profile’ (portrait) icon in the main horizontal menu bar.

How do I hear about new courses?

Unless you opt out, we will email you every time a course in your topic of interest becomes available. You can opt out of new course email alerts via the ‘Profile’ (portrait) icon in the main horizontal menu bar.

How do I tell other people about courses?

Each course description page has a ‘Share’ button, enabling you to share course details with colleagues via email, Facebook and Twitter.