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News Item

Bioscientifica launches new open-access journal Endocrine Oncology

04 Feb 2021

Published by Bioscientifica in collaboration with and endorsed by the Society for Endocrinology.

Endocrine Oncology

Endocrine Oncology is a new, fully open-access, peer-reviewed journal. Led by Editor-in-Chief Professor Edward Gelmann, from the University of Arizona, Endocrine Oncology’s highly accomplished and internationally diverse Editorial Board will oversee the rigorous yet rapid peer review of basic, translational and clinical articles in the field of hormone-related cancer and cancers of endocrine organs. Endocrine Oncology is a sister journal to the well-respected and high-impact journal Endocrine-Related Cancer.

In his launch Editorial, Professor Gelmann explains how "discovery is proceeding at an expanding pace, and the need for rapid publication and wide dissemination after thorough and responsible review has never been greater. An open access, online journal serves both readers and investigators in this age of preprint servers, Twitter announcements, email, and blogs".

“We are committed to scientific rigor, rapid turn-around, relevance, and the advancement of knowledge. We look forward to working with the scientific community.”

Bioscientifica is sponsoring the article publication charge during the launch years, enabling Endocrine Oncology authors to reach further, faster for free.*

Endocrine Oncology is now open for submissions of research and reviews in all areas of basic, translational and clinical research. For a full list of topics please see the scope.

All profits from Bioscientifica are gift-aided to the Society for Endocrinology to help fund training, educational and other activities for members and the wider endocrine community.

* Bioscientifica reserves the right to withdraw this offer at any time.


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