Read and Publish

Bioscientifica is committed to making the research published in our journals accessible to the widest possible audience. We’ve introduced our ‘Read and Publish’ agreement as an alternative to the traditional subscription model.

Institutions who sign up to the agreement get unlimited access to our five hybrid journals and archives; plus free Open Access publishing for corresponding authors in these titles. At the moment, this deal is only available to institutions in the UK, and is available to order through JISC.


Why choose a Read and Publish agreement?

  • Transparent, cost-neutral pricing, with prices fixed for 2 years.
  • Easy to administer: one annual fee covers both usage and publishing.
  • Helps your institution to meet funding requirements, and to make Open Access the default publishing choice.


Find out more

To find out how a Read and Publish deal could benefit your institution, email Ceredig Williams:

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