Preparing papers

Submitting your manuscript to the most suitable journal for your research will save you time, and maximise the chance of your work being accepted in your first-choice publication.

With ever-increasing numbers of articles published, and less time to read them, a well-written paper will have a better chance of being read more widely.

If you are a non-English speaker then we strongly recommend that, at the very least, you get your manuscript checked by an English speaker.

Bioscientifica is committed to maintaining the highest standards of publication ethics to ensure that papers published in our journals create a reliable scientific record and meet the ethical standards expected by the global scientific community.

Bioscientifica supports open access to research articles through both 'gold' and 'green' routes. It publishes both fully open-access publications, and subscription journals that offer open-access options ('hybrid' journals). Both types of journal maintain extremely high standards of peer review, production and publication.