How we promote authors' work

We believe the research we publish is worth shouting about, which is why we work hard to maximise the visibility of all published articles to audiences across the world.



Discoverability & Indexing

We ensure all articles published are highly discoverable and widely indexed:

  • All articles are available on the journals' desktop and mobile websites
  • Our journal websites are search engine optimised
  • All established journals are indexed in PubMed and other major scientific databases.

Personalised Marketing

We have a dedicated team of professionals who work on a maximum of 5 journals each. This allows the development of specialist knowledge of the field and creates the time to promote published articles on an individual basis. We promote content with activities such as:

  • Monthly table of contents emails including a news story related to the journal
  • Attendance at and sponsorship of smaller, subject-specific meetings
  • Regular social media posts featuring the latest content and news
  • Advertising in a range of media, both online and in print
  • Communicating to the membership of the societies which own or endorse our journals.

International Reach

All our journals are truly international, giving published articles the global exposure they deserve:

  • All journals have international editorial boards
  • Attendance at major international conferences
  • Google Translate functionality is available on all full-text articles and abstracts online, along with a translated abstract option for select journals
  • Many journals are owned or endorsed by multiple high-profile societies from around the world
  • Geography-specific marketing is regularly undertaken.

Media Engagement

High-interest articles are selected by Bioscientifica’s communications team to be press released. These press releases are shared with local, national and international media.

While we do our best to promote all articles, it is also in the interest of authors to promote their own published work to increase readers and citations.