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Data correct as at 6 January 2017.


481 Sweetened beverage intake and risk of latent autoimmune diabetes in adults (LADA) and type 2 diabetesJosefin E Löfvenborg et alPublished in: EJE


480  The effects of radiofrequency electromagnetic radiation on sperm function. B J Houston et al. Published in: Reproduction


213 Diabetes and risk of community-acquiredStaphylococcus aureusbacteremia: a population-based case–control studyJesper Smit et alPublished in: EJE


188 Reproductive age-associated fibrosis in the stroma of the mammalian ovary. Shawn M Briley et al. Published in: Reproduction


137 Ovarian tissue transport to expand access to fertility preservation: from animals to clinical practice. Francesca E Duncan et al. Published in: Reproduction


129 Prevalence of thyroid autoimmunity and dysfunction in women with iron deficiency during early pregnancy: is it altered? Flora Veltri et al. Published in: EJE


88 Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism and breast cancer risk: a nationwide cohort studyMette Søgaard et al. Published in: EJE


53 Management of adrenal incidentalomas: European Society of Endocrinology Clinical Practice Guideline in collaboration with the European Network for the Study of Adrenal TumorsMartin Fassnacht et al. Published in: EJE


52 Bone mineral density is increased after a 16-week resistance training intervention in elderly women with decreased muscle strengthVille Huovinen et al. Published in: EJE


52 A causal role for hyperinsulinemia in obesityNicole M Templeman et al. Published in: Journal of Endocrinology


45 Gut microbiota and diet in patients with different glucose toleranceL. V. Egshatyan et al. Published in: Endocrine Connections


32 SOCIETY FOR ENDOCRINOLOGY ENDOCRINE EMERGENCY GUIDANCE: Emergency management of acute adrenal insufficiency (adrenal crisis) in adult patientsWiebke Arlt. Published in: Endocrine Connections


30 WOMEN IN CANCER PROFILE: From bedside to bench and back: my journey in thyroid diseaseKristien Boelaert. Published in: Endocrine-Related Cancer


29 SOCIETY FOR ENDOCRINOLOGY ENDOCRINE EMERGENCY GUIDANCE: Emergency management of severe symptomatic hyponatraemia in adult patientsStephen Ball, Julian Barth and Miles Levy. Published in: Endocrine Connections


26 Central and peripheral pathogenetic forms of type 2 diabetes: a proof-of-concept studyDmitry M Davydov and Malik K Nurbekov. Published in: Endocrine Connections